What is a typical newborn photo session like?

I like to keep things pretty relaxed during all my sessions, but especially for newborns. I will greet you at the door and we will head down to the studio. I will have a background and lights set up all ready to go, but please don't feel rushed. We will get the baby undressed down to just a diaper, swaddle him back up in a cozy blanket and cuddle/nurse or feed him back to sleep. Once he's asleep we can place him on the background....usually getting a few different positions or angles....pick him back up, I'll change the background set up and you can cuddle him again. We'll do this as long as he's still sleepy, usually 2-3 different set-ups. I will do some family photos at the end of the session (if you wish). A newborn session typically lasts 2.5 hours. 

What should my baby wear for a newborn session?

I suggest you dress you baby in a sleeper that is easy to remove (no over the head shirts) on the way to the session. Once your baby is here, we may be able to start right away if he/she is sleepy and we can get them down to their diaper without waking them up too much. Your baby won't need any clothes for the photos. 

How long is a typical newborn photo session?

A newborn session averages about 2.5 hours. Depending on how sleepy your baby is...it may be shorter or a bit longer. 

What should I bring to a newborn session?

I get this question a lot. The answer is "just your baby"! Some people like to bring special items they would like included in some photos, maybe a blanket knit by Nan, etc. I have lots of props, baskets, blankets, hats, headbands in studio. I also have a change table for your use, as well a a supply of wipes & tiny diapers in case you forget or don't bring enough! If you are bottle feeding, make sure to bring more formula than you think you may need, a newborn session usually lasts about 2.5 hours.