My son Henry Oliver at 1 week old. 

My son Henry Oliver at 1 week old. 

"Newborn sessions are my favourite. As much as I love meeting families, and photographing those silly toddlers with their awesome personalities, to me, newborn babies are just magical! I loved newborns even before I had my son, but now I have an even greater appreciation for those photos. It really is true that it goes SO FAST that you kind of forget. You can never have enough photos to help you remember just how tiny they once were."       




What to Expect

A newborn session fee in studio is $350.00. A location (home) session fee is $400.00.

(Maternity/Newborn Package $425.00)

Both options have their advantages. A studio session will give a greater selection of props, hats, blankets, etc. Clients have also said they preferred to come to the studio as it gave them a chance to have an outing as a family (sometimes their first one). An in home session is great if you have room, would like to include an older sibling at the end of the session, or have an unique background or prop that you would like to incorporate. I will bring all the necessary lighting equipment and props with me, so you'll only have to provide the baby!
Whichever option you choose, my newborn sessions are always very relaxed. A sleeping newborn is much easier to photograph than one who's awake, lets face it, they're squirmy little creatures! I will take photos of him/her awake, but for that sweet timeless photo, I'll need for them to be asleep. Don't worry! I give ample time at the beginning of a session for nursing/feeding/rocking to sleep, and as many breaks as baby needs during the session. A newborn session can last up to 3 hours, we will get a great photo of your little one!

Please see FAQ for more information.

Each newborn session includes printable digital copies of your photos.

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Babies are such a nice way to start people
— Don Herold